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We're writing new music. Are your ears ready?

The Phonix are live in studio in Vancouver recording original songs

(Left to right: Brandon Thornhill, Reuben Avery)

Back in 2009, members of the first Phonix incarnation came together to play their first notes together. Years later, after performing at nearly 400 festivals, weddings and events, we're officially beginning the next chapter of our story. 

It was always a part of our plan to create original music and tour the world, and finally we are moving forward with the dream. Over the past few months and years, various Phonix members have been writing songs suitable for the Phonix vibe. The photo above depicts the first recording session that marked the beginning of our band members collaborating together to create demo recordings. The song being recorded here is "Move On."

Our creative process goes something like this:

1. Someone writes a song (creative processes are varied at this step, depending on the band member)
2. Band members collaborate to create a demo recording of the song that other band members can listen to to learn the song
3. Sheet music is created for musicians to read on the gig
4. We send out the mp3 and sheet music to all musicians in the band
5. We play the song live at several shows, get feedback then repeat the process!

We don't just want to write a bunch of noise. We will be working over each song for months before we settle on final arrangements and get into a professional studio to record a radio-ready product. If you would grace us with your presence at any of our live shows coming up, you'll likely hear some of our original songs peppered into our sets. 

We can't begin to express how exciting it is to finally be creating our own music. If you have been following us since our humble beginnings, we hope you're just as excited as we are! The next few months of development and recording are sure to be a wild adventure and we look forward to having you along for the ride. We'll share plenty of insider information for you to enjoy!

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About Us

We've been bringing the funk since 2009. On top of performing our own funky dance music, we can keep your party pumping with all your favourite soul & R&B hits!

We also happen to be Vancouver's ONLY 9-piece wedding and event band that SPECIALIZES in Funk, Soul and R&B music.


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